The Turners of Prospect Road

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The Turners of Prospect Road
"The Turners of Prospect Road" (1947).jpg
Directed by Maurice J. Wilson
Produced by Victor Katona
Written by Victor Katona
Patrick Kirwan
Starring Wilfrid Lawson
Jeanne de Casalis
Music by Nicholas Brodszky
Philip Green (conducted by)
Cinematography Frederick Ford
Edited by Kenneth Hume
Victor Katona Productions
Distributed by Grand National Pictures (UK)
Release date
11 March 1947 (London) (UK)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Turners of Prospect Road is a 1947 British drama film directed by Maurice J. Wilson and starring Wilfrid Lawson, Helena Pickard and Maureen Glynne.[1] A pet greyhound wins a major race meeting.[2] As of 1996 it was missing from the National Film Archive.[2]


A London cabby finds a greyhound puppy in his cab, and gives it to his daughter. She raises it and trains it up at the race tracks; and in spite of crooked rival owners, the dog eventually wins the Greyhound Derby.


Critical reception[edit]

TV Guide noted, "there are some fine moments of humor in this simple film and the acting is good, though not extraordinary. Made on an obviously limited budget, this is a good example of generic filmmaking, its amiable and predictable story populated by cutout characters." [3]


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