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The Two Poor Boys were an American folk-blues duo, composed of Joe Evans and Arthur McLain (or McClain). Evans and McLain were performers, based in Tennessee.[1] The Two Poor Boys recorded between 1927 and 1931. Their songs typically featured Evans' laid-back vocals, with a musical approach based on “beautifully matched guitar and mandolin accompaniment”.[2] On some records, they are listed under the pseudonym, 'Colman and Harper'.

Collected songs[edit]

The Two Poor Boys: Complete Works (1927-1931) – 1991. Document Records
1."Little Son of a Gun (Look What You Done Done)" (recorded c. July 25, 1927 in Birmingham, Alabama)2:50
2."Two White Horses in a Line"2:51
3."John Henry Blues" (Take 1)3:21
4."John Henry Blues" (Take 3)2:44
5."New Huntsville Jail" (Take 1)3:13
6."New Huntsville Jail" (Take 2)2:54
7."Take a Look at That Baby"3:14
8."Mill Man Blues"2:37
9."Oh You Son of a Gun"2:49
10."Georgia Rose"3:00
11."Early Some Morning Blues"2:38
12."Cream and Sugar Blues"2:37
13."Old Hen Cackle"2:42
14."Sitting on Top of the World"3:04
15."My Baby Got a Yo-Yo"3:01
16."So Sorry Dear"2:47
17."Sourwood Mountain"2:40
18."Down in Black Bottom" (Take 1)2:40
19."Down in Black Bottom" (Take 2)2:43
20."Shook It This Morning Blues"3:01

Tracks 2-13 recorded May 20, 1931; tracks 14-20 recorded May 21, 1931, in New York City.


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