The Utopian Society

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The Utopian Society
Directed by John P.Aguirre
Produced by John P. Aguirre
Robert Mankowitz

*Executive Producer* James M. Oddo
Written by Jason Preston
Starring Sam Doumit
Austin Nichols
Malin Åkerman
Mat Hostetler
Kelvin Yu
Kirsten Ariza
Music by Eric Hester (2008 Warner Brothers release) - replaced original independent release score
Soundtrack Produced by James M. Oddo
Release date
  • April 11, 2003 (2003-04-11)
Running time
95 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Utopian Society is a film made in 2003, re-released by Warner Brothers in 2008.


The Utopian Society is about a group of college students who are put together by their professor to complete a final project: create a utopian society. Like most college students, they’ve waited until the night before it is due to start working on it. They each come from different backgrounds and have pre-existing assumptions about the others, causing them to want to spend as little time working with each other as possible. But since they have waited until the last minute to start working, they are forced to cram an entire semester's work into one night, whether they like it or not.[1]



  • DV Awards (UT):WINNER - Best Long Form Drama
  • RAD Digital Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA):WINNER - Best Feature Drama/Comedy
  • Independents Film Festival (Tampa, FL):WINNER - Best Feature
  • Texas Film Festival (College Station, Texas):WINNER - Audience Award
  • Fargo Film Festival (Fargo, ND):WINNER - Audience Award
  • DIY Awards (Los Angeles, CA):WINNER - Best Cinematography
  • The Honolulu Film Festival (Honolulu, HI):WINNER - Best Direction
  • Back East Picture Show (Hoboken, NJ):WINNER - Best Screenplay
  • Wine Country Film Festival (Napa/Sonoma, CA):WINNER - Best First Feature
  • Great Lakes Film Festival (Erie, Pennsylvania):WINNER - Founder's Vision Award


  • Ashland Film Festival (Ashland, OR):NOMINATED - Best Acting Ensemble & Best Cinematography
  • Phoenix Film Festival (Phoenix, AZ):NOMINATED - Best Acting Ensemble


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