The Valleys (series 2)

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The Valleys (series 2)
The Valleys.png
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 8 + 1 special
Original network MTV
Original release 23 April – 18 June 2013
Series chronology
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Series 1
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Series 3

The second series of The Valleys, a British television programme based in Cardiff, Wales, began airing on 23 April 2013 on MTV with a special episode featuring the best bits from the first series. The main episodes began airing on 30 April 2013. This series is expected to run for 8 episodes and will conclude on 18 June 2013. This is the first series to feature twins Anthony and Jason Suminski after they replaced Aron Williams, who announced his departure from the series in April 2013.[1] This was also the final series to feature both Leeroy Reed and Liam Powell.


Carley, Chidgey, Jenna, Lateysha, Liam and Nicole arrive in the house and Chidgey and Carley decide to pretend that they're a couple and even share a kiss to make their lies more convincing. Jenna clearly seems to be bothered by the kiss but hides her true feelings. They're then joined by twins, Anthony and Jason, who immediately cause chaos within the house. Both turn the house upside down but are already popular with the rest of the group. However, there's a clear atmosphere between Jenna and Carley, and Liam plans on getting to the bottom of it to find out what's wrong. As Liam tells Jenna what Carley's said about her, it sparks arguments between the three of them. Carley then goes to Chidgey for comfort, and the others fear what Natalee will think when she returns. Jenna begins to get close with both of the twins but can't decide which one she likes more, but ends up kissing Anthony.

The next day, the whole group are invited out to do some modelling and Nicole to style. Chidgey's not happy when the twins take his place and are the subject of the modelling with Jenna, and Lateysha and Liam aren't impressed when Nicole dresses them up as animals. Jenna enjoys getting close to both Anthony and Jason during the photoshoot and begins to develop feelings towards them. Jenna takes Chidgey aside to discuss his relationship with Carley but he tells her the truth about how there's nothing going on between them. Getting back from their day out, the boys start a food fight until it's interrupted by Jenna's mum visiting who is appalled at what she's seen including the twins making monkey noises in her face. As always, she makes her feelings well known towards them but is shocked to hear that Jenna has been kissing one of them the night before. Lateysha's not happy when she realises there's food in her hair extensions and plots to get revenge on the boys by putting fish in their pillow cases. As the girls demand an apology from the boys, more arguments erupt between Liam and Carley. Carley decides to take her career to the next step and privately visits Jordan to see if he can give her DJing lessons. Later that night during a night out, Liam is expecting to be called up by Jordan to DJ for the club but receives a shock when he actually asks Carley instead. This then sparks more rivalry between the pair. Jenna and Anthony also get closer during the night out, and get even closer when they return to the house.

The girls wake Chidgey up the next day to wish him a happy birthday, but the celebrations don't last long when AK asks him to go into work to do another photoshoot, this time with Liam. When they arrive at work Chidgey is horrified to find out it's a gay photoshoot and will have to get close to Liam. Just when he thinks his day couldn't get any worse, Natalee returns to the house after apologising to AK. Natalee decides to make Chidgey jealous by flirting with Anthony, and Jenna's not happy that she's taken him away from her. Liam warns Natalee to think about Chidgey's feelings when getting close to Anthony, and tells her about Chidgey's kiss with Carley. She then confronts Carley with what she's found out, which causes more arguments and drama for Liam when Carley realises he dropped her in it. Natalee decides to put on a brave face for Carley but is clearly hurt by her actions. However, it all gets too much for her and she turns aggressive towards Carley. Carley then decides she can't cope with all the arguments in the house so packs her bags and returns home, saying goodbye to Chidgey. With the whole house shocked at Carley's departure, Natalee continues to get close to Anthony but he's worried that it will affect his friendship with Chidgey. AK decides for Chidgey, Jenna and Natalee to do her next photoshoot which is wedding themed, and to make things more awkward, Chidgey and Natalee have to be the married couple. However, there's only so much they agree to do as they refuse to kiss each other. AK then chooses Jenna to be the bride and Natalee to be the bridesmaid watching Chidgey and Jenna kiss in front of her. Natalee's horrified when AK suggests Chidgey and Jenna make a good couple. That night, Natalee sets her sights on Anthony again to make both Chidgey and Jenna jealous. Anthony and Natalee finally spend the night together. In the morning however, Natalee's due in at work but refuses to go in. AK loses her temper and drives all the way back to the house to fetch her and issues her with an ultimatum, work or go home. Natalee finally agrees to go into work.

That night, the group go for another night out together and it all ends up with more arguments for Natalee and Chidgey as he mentions kissing Carley. Anthony's there to pick up the pieces though for Natalee and they all go home. Meanwhile, AK and Jordan visit Carley in Caerphilly and convince her to return to Cardiff to follow her dream. When the group arrive back at the house, they find Carley in the house and are all delighted that she's back. All except Liam. As the tension between Carley and Liam increases, arguments erupt between them both and Lateysha and Nicole get involved. Jordan has no choice but to step in the next day and encourage Carley and Liam to work together as DJs, but it only adds fuel to the fire and starts more arguments. Elsewhere, AK invites Anthony and Jason to do another photoshoot, this time with other female twins. Jason invites the girls to the club after the photoshoot where they meet with the rest of the group, and Natalee is far from impressed. Chidgey shows an interest in the girls making Jenna jealous, and Lateysha makes her feelings known and almost starts a fight. Chidgey then takes the twins home but fails to get them into bed.

The next night, the group host a house party and Carley invites Millie, who previously had sex with Leeroy and kissed Chidgey. Chidgey tries his luck with Millie again leaving both Carley and Natalee hurt. Natalee decides to turn to Anthony for support and they get together again, but Carley decides to turn to the alcohol. Chidgey then catches Carley in the toilet crying and attempts to cheer her up, but she confesses her love for him. It's extremely awkward the next day as she tries to blame the confession on the alcohol, and Natalee's quick to sense tension between the two of them. After quizzing Carley over what's happened, Natalee feels uncomfortable with the situation and begins another argument. Meanwhile, Leeroy is planning a return to the house after a meeting with Jordan. Jenna receives a visit from AK and is told that someone from Nuts magazine wants to meet with her. Jason attempts to train Jenna up so she looks good for her interview and the pair get closer. Jordan tries to teach Nicole how to drive but it all turns into a disaster when she breaks his car, and Natalee apologises to Carley for the previous argument but says she still doesn't trust her to be around Chidgey.

The following day, after spending the night in bed with Jason, Jenna receives a visit from her Mum to take her down to London for the interview. Panicking that she'll find out what she's been up to, Jenna quickly gets dressed and leaves. During her interview for Nuts, Jenna's told that she's wanted on the cover of the magazine with Lateysha. To celebrate the success of the interview, Jenna and Jason go out for a drink. Elsewhere, Leeroy returns to the house with flowers for Jenna. Everyone then meets Jenna and Jason on a night out and there's an immediate love triangle between Jenna, Jason and Leeroy as both boys try to compete for her attention. Jenna's confused over her feelings and doesn't know who to choose but ends up going to bed alone. Leeroy leaves the next day to return to the studio, and Jenna's more confused than ever. AK has the girls doing a photoshoot the next day with animals such as snakes and spiders leaving them all scared. However, Lateysha gets involved in the photoshoot and AK regrets giving Jenna the bigger opportunity instead of Lateysha. That night, Carley decides to stay in as she's feeling unwell but Chidgey thinks it's to do with her growing feelings for him. Natalee and Chidgey call a truce on the night out but it soon turns to bickering again when her asks if he can try and pull Carley. The following day, Carley's still ill and can't go to DJ for Radio Cardiff with Liam. Instead, Liam goes alone and everyone is happy of his success. Jenna goes to meet Leeroy and she tells him that they have a connection, something she doesn't have with Jason.

On Jenna's big day, her and Natalee go down to London for the Nuts photoshoot. When the girls awake and realise they've gone without them, they're not happy and pack their bags to follow them there, and Carley's confused over Jenna and Natalee's sudden friendship. Shocked at how all of the girls have gone to England, the boys prove how Welsh they are by going camping in a field but it's ruined when sheep steal their tent. Returning home, the boys go all out to bring random girls back but it's ruined when the girls get back from London. Natalee finally apologises to Carley and says she'll spend more time with her, but then leaves her for Anthony. Back at the house, Chidgey and Carley discuss their situation and Jenna finally chooses Jason over Leeroy.

Whilst at the Valleywood photoshoot, the boys wreak havoc with the girls by dragging them around in mud leaving Lateysha angry with them. The group then decide to go to Swansea as Nicole is missing her friends, and it's awkward for Lateysha when Nicole's boyfriend arrives, who she once had a thing with. Natalee gets too drunk though and everyone returns to the house. Chidgey comforts Carley when she's feeling down and Jenna mistakenly thinks she's seen them kissing. The next morning Carley admits she doesn't feel guilty anymore because of Natalee's behaviour with Anthony, and Jenna receives a text from Leeroy asking her to meet him. Jenna stands by her decision though and sticks with Jason. On a girls night in, Jenna tells Natalee about Carley and Chidgey's "kiss" but Carley overhears and swears it isn't true. After all the bickering Carley confides in Leeroy. Jordan decides he's not happy with the lack of work from Carley so forces Liam to teach her how to DJ. That night, Natalee is far from impressed when she spots Anthony pulling a girl. As Chidgey also brings a girl back, he's soon let down when she changes her mind and ends up with Leeroy.

Natalee blames Chidgey the next morning for encouraging Anthony to get into bed with a girl and throws a bowl of cereal over him. Natalee then moves onto Anthony and tells him that they need to stay away from each other to avoid getting hurt. However that night, Natalee goes for revenge on a girls night out and kisses loads of boys. Carley also goes all out to prove she doesn't have feelings for Chidgey and tries to pull a boy, but then the boys gatecrash their night and she's immediately drawn to him. The pair get close and end up in bed together. Nicole attempts go-karting to practise how to drive a real car but it's a disaster when she falls out. With Valleywood approaching, Lateysha feels she's the only one taking it seriously. Jenna's mum visits and Natalee tells her about Jenna getting with Jason, so her and the twins fool her by swapping the twins around and discussing the situation. Natalee gives her approval for Chidgey and Carley before they go out on a date together and then get into bed with each other after their night out. A disaster in bed with Jason causes Jenna to be more drawn to Leeroy, and Natalee gives into temptation and gets back with Anthony. The next day Chidgey has no idea that Carley thinks that they're more involved than they actually are and she isn't impressed when he flirts with Millie that night.

As the night of Valleywood approaches, the group go for rehearsals but Carley is clearly troubled and can't take it anymore. She returns to the house, packs her bags and goes back to Cardiff without telling anyone. When everyone realises Carley is gone, Natalee and Chidgey pin the blame on each other. They all return to the house to find a letter from Carley and Natalee's left angry when Carley calls Chidgey her best friend. The night of Valleywood finally arrives and it all goes successful. Lateysha is horrified though when she discovers she was wrong about being the headline act and discovers Leeroy actually is. Jason pulls some girls and brings them back to the house leaving Jenna jealous, so Natalee stands by her friend and throws the girls out of the house. The next morning everyone packs their bags to return to Cardiff but they get a visit from Jordan and AK where they reveal heartbreaking news. They confess that they want to continue working with everyone except Nicole and Liam.


  • Anthony Suminski
  • Carley Belmonte
  • Darren Chidgey
  • Jason Suminski
  • Jenna Jonathan
  • Lateysha Grace
  • Leeroy Reed
  • Liam Powell
  • Natalee Harris
  • Nicole Morris

Duration of cast[edit]

Cast members Series 2
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Key:      = "Cast Member" is featured in this episode.
Key:      = "Cast Member" arrives in the house.
Key:      = "Cast Member" voluntarily leaves the house.
Key:      = "Cast Member" is removed from the house.
Key:      = "Cast Member" returns to the house.
Key:      = "Cast Member" features in this episode, but outside of the house.
Key:      = "Cast member" does not feature in this episode.
Key:      = "Cast Member" leaves the series.


Title Original air date Duration UK viewers[2]
7 1 "Filthy Bits" 23 April 2013 (2013-04-23) 60 minutes 60,000 (Excluding MTV+1)
A look back at the naughtiest bits from series 1.
8 2 "Episode 1" 30 April 2013 (2013-04-30) 60 minutes 482,000
Carley, Chidgey, Jenna, Lateysha, Liam and Nicole return to the house and are joined by twins, Anthony and Jason who immediately cause carnage. Carley and Chidgey pretend they're in a relationship and to be more convincing, they kiss. As Jenna gets close to the twins, her mum arrives and warns Jenna to stay away from them, or else. Liam and Carley clash. After a huge food fight, the girls get revenge on the boys by putting fish in their beds. When Carley's asked to DJ by Jordan, it causes more tension between her and Liam.
9 3 "Episode 2" 7 May 2013 (2013-05-07) 60 minutes 494,000
It's Chidgey's birthday and he's not happy when AK makes him do a gay photoshoot with Liam, and to make matters worse, Natalee returns to the house and begins to flirt with Anthony. Liam tells Natalee about Carley and Chidgey's kiss and she has no choice but to confront Carley about it. After several arguments, Carley decides to pack her bags and leaves Cardiff. Meanwhile, Jenna and Chidgey begin to get close again and share some moments during another photoshoot and Anthony is given Chidgey's approval and decides to go for it with Natalee.
10 4 "Episode 3" 14 May 2013 (2013-05-14) 60 minutes 503,000
Natalee and Chidgey fall out again as he mentions kissing Carley. Meanwhile, Jordan and AK convince Carley to return to Cardiff but there's clear tension between her and Liam. Just as Natalee thinks she's involved with Anthony, he brings female twins back to the club which causes an atmosphere for the girls. Arguments erupt between Liam, Carley, Lateysha and Nicole, and Jenna finally gets with Jason as Natalee and Anthony get close again. Chidgey attempts numerous times to get with different girls, but ends up speaking to Carley as she tells him she loves him.
11 5 "Episode 4" 21 May 2013 (2013-05-21) 60 minutes 525,000
It's the morning after the night before and Carley tries to blame her confession on the alcohol. Natalee feels uncomfortable with Carley and Chidgey being so close and makes her feelings known, but then later apologises to Carley when there's an atmosphere. Jenna goes to a meeting and finds out she's wanted on the cover of Nuts magazine. With Jenna and Jason celebrating her success, Leeroy returns to the house looking for her. Jenna's immediately put in an awkward situation as Jason and Leeroy compete for her attention.
12 6 "Episode 5" 28 May 2013 (2013-05-28) 60 minutes 541,000
Leeroy leaves the house to go back to the studio as Jenna's still deciding who to choose, him or Jason. Carley misses out on an opportunity to DJ for Radio Cardiff when she's ill, but Liam is a success when he goes on his own. The girls go to London for Jenna's photoshoot for Nuts, and Carley's jealous of Natalee's sudden friendship with Jenna. Meanwhile, the boys show how Welsh they are by going camping in the middle of a field but it's a disaster when sheep steal the tent. Carley and Natalee call a truce, and Jenna finally chooses Jason over Leeroy.
13 7 "Episode 6" 4 June 2013 (2013-06-04) 60 minutes 680,000
As Chidgey comforts an upset Carley, Jenna mistakenly thinks she's seen them kissing and goes to Natalee with the gossip. Carley's not happy though when she overhears the conversation and swears it's not true. Leeroy and Jason compete for Jenna's attention again but she sticks with Jason leaving Leeroy disappointed. Jordan demands Carley do more work and arranges Liam to teach her how to DJ. Natalee's far from impressed when Anthony pulls on a night out, and Chidgey's left lonely as his girl changes her mind and ends up with Leeroy.
14 8 "Episode 7" 11 June 2013 (2013-06-11) 60 minutes 648,000
Natalee and the twins mess with Jenna's mum by telling her that Jenna's been getting with Jason then swapping the twins. Carley goes all out to pull but ends up in bed with Chidgey. The next day Chidgey takes Carley on a date and they grow closer, but Carley thinks it's more serious than it actually is so she's disappointed when he tries to pull Millie on a night out. Natalee can't stay away from Anthony, and Lateysha's rewarded by being on the Valleywood posters. Jenna's drawn a little closer to Leeroy after a disaster in bed with Jason.
15 9 "Episode 8" 18 June 2013 (2013-06-18) 60 minutes 633,000

During rehearsals for Valleywood, Carley decides she's had enough and returns home to Cardiff leaving the others confused. Natalee and Chidgey blame each other for her departure. As the night of Valleywood finally arrives, it all goes successful until Lateysha is horrified to learn that Leeroy is the special guest after she initially thought that she was. Everyone returns to the house but Jason brings some girls back and clearly upsets Jenna. Natalee stands by Jenna and throws the girls out despite Jason. The final morning, Jordan and AK reveal that they want to continue working with everyone except Liam and Nicole.

This was the last episode to feature Leeroy Reed and Liam Powell.


Episode Date Official MTV rating[3] MTV weekly rank[4] Official MTV+1 rating[5] Total MTV viewers [6]
Filthy Bits 23 April 60,000 3
Episode 1 30 April 423,000 1 59,000 482,000
Episode 2 7 May 417,000 1 77,000 494,000
Episode 3 14 May 431,000 1 72,000 503,000
Episode 4 21 May 454,000 1 71,000 525,000
Episode 5 28 May 449,000 1 92,000 541,000
Episode 6 4 June 624,000 1 56,000 680,000
Episode 7 11 June 568,000 1 80,000 648,000
Episode 8 18 June 557,000 1 76,000 633,000