The Very Best of Alyssa Milano

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The Very Best of Alyssa Milano
Greatest hits album by Alyssa Milano
Released January 1995 (1995-01)
Recorded 1988-1992
Genre Pop, dance-pop, R&B
Length 37:48
Label Pony Canyon Inc./Canyon International
Producer Joey Carbone, Katz Nagasawa, Tom Milano
Alyssa Milano chronology
Do You See Me?
The Very Best of Alyssa Milano

The Very Best Of Alyssa Milano is a compilation album recorded by Alyssa Milano during her pursuit, mainly in Japan, of a singing career. A more complete collection of Milano's greatest hits and other singles than the previously released The Best In The World remix collection. The album was only released as a promotional CD.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Time
1. "Do You See Me?" (Tom Milano, Charles M. Inouye) 4:43
2. "Look in My Heart" (Joey Carbone, Dennis Belfield) 3:30
3. "Straight to the Top" (Joey Carbone, Dennis Belfield) 3:21
4. "What a Feeling" (Joey Carbone, Dennis Belfield) 3:47
5. "I Had a Dream" (Joey Carbone, Dennis Belfield) 3:45
6. "Happiness" (Joey Carbone, Tom Milano, Mark Davis) 3:41
7. "The Best in the World" (Joey Carbone, Dennis Belfield) 4:07
8. "I Love When We're Together" (Joey Carbone, Dennis Belfield) 3:56
9. "New Sensation" (Joey Carbone, Jeff Carruthers) 4:15
10. "Do You See Me?" (Tom Milano, Charles M. Inouye) 4:43


No singles were issued from this album, which was never released in the United States. It was only made in Japan, and solely as a promotional album.