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The Vintage Vehicle Show, produced and hosted by Lance Lambert, is the longest running car show on television[citation needed] dedicated to custom cars, hot rods and classics, although cars from vintage to present have been featured on the program.

Each episode focuses on an automotive museum, a car show, or a private collection somewhere in the United States although most episodes are located in the western United States. The program began on one station in Seattle in 1993 and is currently syndicated throughout the U.S. on 101 stations and in 27 foreign markets. As of 6/26/14 over 450 new episodes have been produced.

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The Vintage Vehicle Show has been on the air since 1993 ( Only Motorweek has been on longer but that program is not devoted to hot rods, customs and classics. Other documentation regarding the show's production can be found at the show's website, and by contacting the producer via the website.