The Voice of Asia

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For the Kazakh music festival, see Voice of Asia.
The Bridge at Andau
Mich voiceofasia ist ed.jpg
First US edition
Author James A. Michener
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Random House
Publication date
Media type print (Hardback)
Pages 245pp.

The Voice of Asia (1951) is a work of non-fiction published by American author James A. Michener. The book chronicles his travels throughout Asia, detailing the cultures and lives of locals in areas such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Pakistan, Burma, India, Thailand, etc.

"Today Asia is of utmost importance to Americans. What happens there may make or mar us as a nation. We need to know what makes Asia tick. I had the good luck to travel to many towns and villages in Asia and to talk with the people about what worried them. I met rickshaw boys and millionaires, peasant farmers and heads of state. They told me about the religious problems, the economic questions and the social revolutions that disturb them today. I talked of America and of Russia; and, like people everywhere, they told me some very funny stories about their politicians. In 'The Voice of Asia' I have tried to share with you what the people of Asia told me." --James A. Michener [1]


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