The Wayfaring Stranger (album)

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The Wayfaring Stranger
Studio album by Burl Ives
Released 1944
Genre Folk
Label Asch

The Wayfaring Stranger (Asch 345) is an album consisting of three 10-inch, 78 rpm records by Burl Ives released on Asch in 1944. It should not be confused with Ives' 1944 album for Columbia Records (C-103) – also called The Wayfaring Stranger and itself a re-release of a 1941 album on Okeh Records – which contains different songs. The Asch album includes the first releases of two signature songs by Ives: "Poor Wayfaring Stranger" and "The Blue Tail Fly."

The same collection of songs was reissued in 1947 on the Stinson label as a 78-rpm album (Stinson 345), then a 10-inch LP (Stinson SLP-1) in 1949, a 12-inch LP c. 1954 (also with catalog number Stinson SLP-1), retitled Blue Tail Fly and Other Favorites, and finally a cassette tape (Stinson CA-1). All of the Stinson releases with the exception of the 78-rpm album had two bonus tracks: "The Fox" and "Brennan on the Moor."

Track listing (Asch or Stinson 345)[edit]

Record 1 (Asch or Stinson 345-1 )[edit]

Track Song Title
A1. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
A2. Buckeye Jim
B1. The Bold Soldier
B2. The Sow Took the Measles

Record 2 (Asch or Stinson 345-2)[edit]

Track Song Title
C. The Foggy Foggy Dew
D. Black Is the Color

Record 3 (Asch or Stinson 345-3)[edit]

Track Song Title
E. Henry Martin
F. The Blue Tail Fly

Track listing (Stinson SLP-1, both versions)[edit]

Side One (Stinson SLP-1A)[edit]

Stinson SLP-1A (1963) on clear red vinyl (A Re-Pressing from the 1970s[citation needed])
Track Song Title
1. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
2. Black Is The Color
3. The Foggy Foggy Dew
4. Buckeye Jim
5. The Bold Soldier

Side Two (Stinson SLP-1B)[edit]

Track Song Title
1. The Sow Took The Measles
2. The Blue Tail Fly
3. Henry Martin
4. The Fox (Bonus Track)
5. Brennan on the Moor (Bonus Track)


The Asch album was selling for $2.89 in 1944.[1]

The Stinson 12-inch LP album was selling for $3.98 in 1966 [2]


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