The Worst Witch (film)

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This article is about the 1986 television film. For the 1998 television series, see The Worst Witch (1998 TV series).
The Worst Witch
The Worst Witch cover.jpg
VHS cover
Directed by Robert W Young
Starring Fairuza Balk
Diana Rigg
Charlotte Rae
Tim Curry
Theme music composer Denis King
Charles Strouse (music)
Don Black (lyrics)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Hilary Heath (executive producer)
Lewis Rudd (executive producer)
Colin Shindler (producer)
Editor(s) Andrew Denny
Cinematography Ian Hollands
Running time 70 min.
Production company(s) Central Independent Television
Original network Central Independent Television and HBO
Original release
  • 26 October 1986 (1986-10-26)

The Worst Witch is a 1986 television film based on the children's book of the same name by Jill Murphy. It was produced by Central Independent Television and HBO.

The Grand Wizard is this television film's only male character. The rest of the characters are girls and women.


The film follows the plot of the 1974 book. The movie centers around Mildred Hubble, who is invariably the school's "Worst Witch." Mildred creates many mishaps, including the incidents of when Mildred turns herself invisible and transforms Ethel into a pig. The climax surrounds Miss Cackle's notorious twin evil sister, Agatha, plotting to take over the Academy. Ultimately Agatha is foiled by Mildred and Mildred establishes herself as the hero for the academy.


  • Diana Rigg as Miss Hardbroom
  • Charlotte Rae as Miss Cackle/Agatha
  • Tim Curry as The Grand Wizard
  • Fairuza Balk as Mildred Hubble
  • Sabina Franklyn as Miss Spellbinder
  • Su Elliot as Delilah
  • Danielle Batchelor as Maud Warlock
  • Anna Kipling as Ethel Hallow
  • Kate Buckley as Donna
  • Leila Marr as Pixie Brown
  • Liz May Brice as Zoe Chant-Vestry
  • Katrina Heath as Sophie Hattrick
  • Tara Stevenson as Gloria Hobgoblin
  • Laura Heath as Misty Meadow
  • Sophie Cook as Natalie Sinister
  • Sophie Millett as Verity Sinister
  • Julia J. Nagle as Bubble Toil
  • Kathryn Lacey as Goodie Twocharm
  • Nevena Kaley as Dawn Undercover
  • Caroline Woolf as Julie Vanishing
  • Amy Shindler as Spinner Webb
  • Pui Fan Lee as Prefect

Production and broadcast[edit]

The film was shot at St. Michael's College in Tenbury Wells. Its opening and closing song "Growing Up Isn't Easy" was sung by Bonnie Langford. It was composed by Charles Strouse with lyrics by Don Black. They also wrote "Anything Can Happen on Halloween". This song was covered by British rock band Stonegarth in 2008. Denis King composed its score and wrote the song "My Little School".

This Halloween special aired on HBO and The Disney Channel in the United States every October until 1997.

Home media[edit]

Prism Entertainment released this television movie on VHS on 19 October 1994. It was also released by Reel Corporation PTY LTD. in 2000 Bfs Entertainment re-released this television film on video on 28 December 1999 and on DVD on 24 August 2004.


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