The Yellow Moon Band

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The Yellow Moon Band
Origin London, England
Years active 2007-present
Labels Static Caravan Recordings
Associated acts It's Jo and Danny, Dodgy
Members Jo Bartlett
Danny Hagan
Rudy Carroll
Mathew Priest

The Yellow Moon Band are a British progressive rock[citation needed] band. They released their debut album, Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World on the Static Caravan label in early 2009, to positive reviews. Their music can be described[by whom?] as a mix of psychedelia, folk, and progressive rock.


In 2007 Jo Bartlett and Danny Hagan of It's Jo and Danny, guitarist Rudy Carroll and Mathew Priest of Britpop band Dodgy,[1][2] following some experimental jams at Bartlett and Hagan's home in the Brecon Beacons, produced what they considered to be a new and exciting blend of folk and progressive/psychedelic rock, and a welcome change to the song driven folktronica of It's Jo and Danny.[3]

The band were persuaded by Geoff Dolman of Static Caravan to go into Bark Studio in North London to record two singles - "Entangled" and "Maybach"[4] - and the resulting sessions produced most of the material for their debut album Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World.

The Yellow Moon Band have garnered many favourable reviews for their infrequent gigs,[5][6] and were invited to headline the inaugural Lewes Psychedelic Festival in March 2009. Their single, "Maybach", was voted Single of the Year by listeners to Radio Weser in Bremen, Germany, in 2008.[7]

The Yellow Moon Band have proved difficult to categorize, DJs and record stores having variously described them as psychedelic, prog rock, Balearic and folk and they have appeared on compilations as varied in genre as Fred Deakin: Nu Balearica and the Amorphous Androgynous' A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding in Your Mind: Volume 1.

The song "Chimney" off the debut album is featured as a playable track in the 2011 video game Rocksmith.




  • "Entangled", June 2007
  • "Maybach", February 2008
  • "Polaris - Time and Space Machine/Xela remixes", May 2009
  • "Barehed", August 2010

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