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Bonny, Pete and Mac

The Yetties (John (Bonny) Sartin, Pete Shutler, and Mac McCulloch) were an English folk music group who took their name from the Dorset village of Yetminster which was their childhood home[1] and in 1975 they released an album entitled "The Yetties of Yetminster".[2] In 2007 The Yetties celebrated 40 years as a professional folk band.[citation needed]


The Yetties performing at Farnham Beer Festival in 2008

There are two ex-members: Bob Common and Roger Trim. The former left during the 1970s to spend more time with his family. Trim introduced fiddle-playing to the group and their sound changed somewhat during his stay. Since the latter's departure, The Yetties have operated as a trio. Sartin is the lead singer and addresses the audience more than the other two.[citation needed] However, his colleagues both lead some songs and both joke with the audience.[citation needed] Shutler plays keyboard but in the main he is a very accomplished accordion player; McCulloch plays guitar and banjo.

Since turning professional in 1967 their music has taken them far beyond the villages of Dorset. They have travelled extensively in Europe and, under the auspices of the British Council, have performed successfully in many countries, including Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Pakistan, Sudan, India, Bangladesh, the Maldives, the Philippines, Ethiopia and Canada. One of the secrets of their success, and way of breaking down language barriers, has been their knack of audience participation.

Over the years they have recorded 45 albums for different companies. Most of these have been a mixture of songs and music but they have also been involved in some other projects. Thomas Hardy was also a musician and he and his family, over several generations, collected hundreds of folk tunes. The Yetties have done 2 recordings on Thomas Hardy's own fiddle and other Hardy family instruments. Another of their projects involved recording a collection of songs and stories about cricketers of the past with John Arlott.

They had a regular series on BBC Radio 2 called 'Cider & Song'[citation needed]. They also have numerous other radio and television appearances to their credit.[citation needed] Among their regular tour programmes, an annual appearance at the Farnham Beer Exhibition has become a tradition over many years.

The Yetties now live in Sherborne (just a few miles from Yetminster) and they draw on their personal experiences of country life for their concert programme. Some of the songs they sing recall what life was like when they were kids helping the farmers at harvest time, scrumping when the farmers weren't looking, raiding the hedges, fields and woods for food and eating rabbit for practically every meal. They talk of village characters and village occasions and create the atmosphere of the village social.


The Yetties announced their retirement in early 2010, and their final performance was a ceilidh and concert at Sherborne in April 2011.[3]

On the evening of 21 September 2014, it was announced on the official Yetties website that Pete Shutler had died in Sherborne Hospital.[4]

Album discography[edit]


  1. Fifty Stone of Loveliness (1969)
  2. Who's A-fear'd? (1970)
  3. Keep A-Runnin'-It's The Yetties! (1970)
  4. Our Friends, The Yetties (1971)
  5. Dorset Is Beautiful (1972)
  6. All At Sea (1973)
  7. Up In Arms (1974)
  8. Let's Have A Party (1975)
  9. The World Of The Yetties (1975)
  10. The Yetties of Yetminster (1975)
  11. The World of The Yetties (1975) (compilation LP)
  12. The Village Band (1976)
  13. Upmarket (1977)
  14. Dorset Style (1978)
  15. Focus on The Yetties (1978) (compilation LP)
  16. In Concert (1979)
  17. A Little Bit Of Dorset (1981)
  18. A Proper Job (1981)
  19. Folk N Brass (1982)
  20. On the Fiddle (1982)
  21. Cider 'n' Song (1983)
  22. The Banks of Newfoundland (1984)
  23. The Sound of Cricket (1984)
  24. The Musical Heritage of Thomas Hardy (single cassette) (1985)
  25. The Yetties (1986)
  26. The Musical Heritage of Thomas Hardy (double LP) (1988)
  27. Play it Again (1989)
  28. Singing All The Way (1989)
  29. Out In The Green Fields (1990)
  30. The Fiddler Knows (1990)
  31. Looking For The Sunshine (1991)
  32. Come to the Yetties' Barn Dance (1992)
  33. Dorset, My Dorset (1993)
  34. Singalong Party 'Cigarettes & Whisky & Wild Wild Singing' (1995)
  35. Top Of The Crops (1995)
  36. Folk Music Of England (1997)
  37. In Praise Of Dorset (1997)
  38. Wild Mountain Thyme (1999)
  39. Musical Allsorts (2000)
  40. Rolling Home To England (2001)
  41. Messing About On The River (2003)
  42. Rambleaway (2005)


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