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Thecaphora was also proposed for the order of cnidarians usually known as Leptomedusae.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Ustilaginomycetes
Order: Ustilaginales
Family: Glomosporiaceae
Genus: Thecaphora
Fingerh. (1836)
Type species
Thecaphora hyalina
Fingerh. (1836)

Angiosorus Thirum. & M.J.O'Brien (1974)
Glomosporium Kochman (1939)
Kochmania Piatek (2005)
Poikilosporium Dietel (1897)
Sorosporium F.Rudolphi (1829)
Tothiella Vánky (1999)

Thecaphora is a genus of Basidiomycote Fungus which contains several species of plant pathogens. The widespread genus contain 57 species.[2]



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