Thee Nagar

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Thee Nagar
Directed by Thirumalai
Written by Thirumalai
Starring Karan
Kadhal Sukumar
Scissor Manohar
Meera Krishnan
Music by Jassie Gift
Cinematography Suresh Devan
Release date
27 July 2007
Country  India
Language Tamil

Thee Nagar is a Tamil language action film directed by Thirumalai.It starred Karan and Udayathara in lead roles.The soundtrack was composed by Jassie Gift.It was released on 27 July,2007.


Yamaha Murugan (Karan) is a do-gooder, who commands respect from student’s community for his good deed as students chairman in a city college. Unable to find a lucrative job, he sets up a tea shop in front of the college from here he passed out. Life goes smooth for Murugan until he comes across a corrupt cop FIR Murthy (Shanmugarajan). Murugan is targeted for no fault of his by FIR Murthy. Nadhiya (Udhayathara), a girl next door falls for Murugan's good conduct. Both develop romance. However a bloody duel between Murugan and Murthy brings a change in the former's life. The rest is the battle between the two to assert their supremacy over one other that ends with a riveting climax.


  • Karan
  • Udhayathara
  • Meera Krishnan
  • Shanmugarajan
  • Kadhal Sukumar


The Soundtrack was composed by Jassie Gift.[1][2]

  • Ayiram Ayiram Koilkalai Vida - Nakul, Senthil Das
  • Kadavul Ethukku Kadhal Irukku -Chitra,
  • Neeye En Soma Baaname -Jassie Gift, Reshmi,
  • Oothu Oothuda -Naveen, Anupama, Saindhavi,
  • Potta Pulla Venumaadi -Prasanna, Sujatha,
  • Thaliyum Vendam Veliyum Vendam -Naveen, Sujatha

Critical reception[edit]

Indiaglitz wrote "Director Thirumalai deserves credit for coming up with a movie that is fairly engaging."[3] Sify wrote "There is nothing new in story or presentation and the film sags towards the climax, and is a total let down. Thirumalai, the director has etched the plot of the film from Dharani?s action movie Dhil, added some masala, and remixed it".[4]


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