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Thekla (Greek: Θέκλα, Thékla, lit. "God's fame") is a Greek feminine given name made famous by Saint Thecla, a 1st-century Christian martyr. In English, it is more commonly romanized as Thecla.

Thekla may also refer to:

  • Thekla, wife of Michael II (died c. 823), first Empress-consort of Michael II of the Byzantine Empire
  • Thekla, daughter of Theophilos (c.822/823 - after 867), daughter of Emperor Theophilos of the Byzantine Empire, Augusta
  • Thekla Knös (1817–1880), Swedish poet
  • Thekla Schild (1890–1991), German architect
  • Mother Thekla (1918–2011) Nun, academic and collaborator of John Tavener, English musician and composer
  • The Thekla (Old Profanity Showboat), originally a cargo ship, now a music venue in Bristol, England
  • Thekla, suburb in Leipzig, site of a subcamp of Buchenwald
  • Thekla lark, species of lark
  • Thekla, Inc., a game development company created by Jonathan Blow
  • "Thekla: Eine Geisterstimme" poem by Schiller, set to music by (among others) Schubert
  • The Thekla, a Norwegian ship which sank in 1893 leaving three crew stranded at sea who famously resorted to cannibalism

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