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Theo Findahl (Theodor Leonard Findahl; 24 August 1891 – 19 May 1976) was a Norwegian teacher and journalist. He was born in Tvedestrand. He worked as teacher until 1939, and from then as a foreign correspondent for the newspaper Aftenposten. He is particularly remembered for his reports from Germany on 5 and 7 April 1940, when he was a news correspondent in Berlin. These reports warned about the German attack on Norway, but the message was not taken seriously by the Norwegian Commanding Admiral.[1][2]

Among his books are Kloster og arena. Streiftog i Spanien from 1926, Den gule keiservei. Inntrykk fra Japan from 1933, Undergang. Berlin 1939–1945 from 1945, and Lange skygger. Dagbok fra krigens Berlin 1939–1945 from 1964.[2]


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