Theodor van Pee

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Theodor van Pee's portrait in Jean-Baptiste Descamps book of painters, 1764

Theodorus van Pee (1668–1746) was an 18th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands.


Van Pee was born in Amsterdam. According to Houbraken he was the son of the Amsterdam painter Jan van Pee, who moved to Antwerp and left his family behind.[1] According to Jan van Gool, he was an art dealer as well as a painter, and for a while specialized in painting carved wooden boards used for ornamental decoration.[2]

According to the RKD he became a member of the Utrecht Guild of St. Luke in 1737.[3] His pupils were his daughter, the miniature painter Henriëtta van Pee (who helped him in his studio from the age of seven),[4] her later husband Herman Wolters, and the painter Adam Silo.[3] He died in The Hague.


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