Theodoric I of Wettin

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Theodoric I
Born c. 916
Grimma[citation needed]
Died c. 976 (aged c. 60) (?)
Spouse Jutta of Merseburg (?)
Issue Dedo I, Count of Wettin
Frederick I of Wettin
House House of Wettin
Father Burchard III, Duke of Swabia
Mother Willa of Raveningen (?)

Theodoric I (c. 916 – c. 976), German Dietrich I, also known as Thierry I of Liesgau, is considered the oldest traceable member of the House of Wettin. In genealogy this makes him the progenitor of the dukes, electors and kings of Saxony, the grand dukes of Saxony-Weimar and Eisenach and the dukes of the various Saxon duchies of Thuringia, and of various present-day monarchs, including Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, King Philippe of Belgium, the last Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria, as well as the last king of Portugal, Manuel II.

Almost nothing is known about Theodoric's life; not even the year of his death is clear. It is believed that he was killed in battle with the Hungarians in 976. He had two sons:

Because of Theodoric's importance to the genealogy of European royalty, much speculation exists about his ancestry. Three possible fathers have been identified for him, but there is no conclusive evidence for any of them: