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Theresa Concordia Mengs
Self-portrait, 1745
Died10 October 1806(1806-10-10) (aged 80–81)

Therese Maron, born Therese Mengs (1725 – 10 October 1806), was a German painter active in Rome.

Therese was born in Dresden, the elder sister of painter Anton Raphael Mengs. She moved with her family to Rome, and there married an Austrian portrait painter and pupil of her brother, Anton von Maron. She painted a number of enamels, pastels, and miniatures, including a self-portrait and a portrait of her younger sister Julia. She died in Rome in 1806.

Maron was active as a teacher; among her pupils were Apollonia Seydelmann [de], Francesca Bracci, her niece Anna Maria Mengs, and Sofia Clerc.[1]

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