They Used Dark Forces

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They Used Dark Forces
First edition
Author Dennis Wheatley
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre World War II novel
Publisher Hutchinson
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 511 pp
ISBN 0-7493-0677-7
OCLC 24669314
LC Class PZ3.W5592 Ti PR6045.H127

They Used Dark Forces is the final part of Gregory Sallust's wartime experiences. In this novel Sallust is sent to investigate rumours of a German superweapon being built in Peenemünde. He is wounded following an air raid and encounters Ibrahim Mallacou a Jewish Satanist who uses hypnotism to relieve his pain whilst treating his injuries. He encounters Mallacou again when he is trapped in Poland attempting to smuggle out parts of a V1 rocket after several adventures including imprisonment and dinner with Hermann Göring the unlikely pair find themselves in Hitler's bunker during the siege of Berlin where they attempt to persuade him to take his own life rather than fight on.

Links to other Gregory Sallust stories[edit]

This novel concludes the stories of Obergruppenführer Grauber, Sallust's long term opponent, Graf von Ostenburg, the husband of Gregory's beloved Erica, and of his occasional lover Sabine.