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Thibaut de Reimpré is a contemporary French painter. Born in Paris in 1949, he attended the 'Beaux-Arts' in Paris and worked, in particular, in the 'Atelier Yankel' from 1968 to 1971. He currently works either in Paris or in the Sarthe region, mostly with acrylic paint (though he has also worked with china ink), his style is abstract. Thibaut de Reimpré belongs to the second generation of the French School of abstract painting after the second World War. His work fits, more precisely, in the Lyrical Abstraction school of thought, which is also promoted by painters such as Michelle Destarac and Pierre Célice.

His work can be seen frequently, both in public events and in art galleries, on the occasion of the three or four personal exhibits each year, within or outside France, as well as in multi-author events or in international shows (no less than 165 since 1970).

Didier Decoin, Member of the Académie Goncourt, describes the work of Thibaut de Reimpré as follows (2):

Reimpré's carnal world - that is, his social circle of friends and lovers - is wrought with such tenderness, consideration, attentiveness, distinction and enchantment. There is a man, one says to oneself, who must love maples in autumn, the acidulous mixed borders of springtime, the velvety dance of the chamois, and Satie's so attractively sarcastic arpeggios.

Conversely, his pictorial world is such a seism, his painting crashing down in such hot lava, telluric blazes, stellar fusions, Amazonian humus, and Pompeian concretions that one wonders if Thibaut de Reimpré might not be hostage to uncontrollable forces.

Yet he is not. He is the master of these forces - their shepherd and their diviner.


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