Thicker than Water (1999 film)

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Thicker Than Water
Directed by Richard Cummings Jr.
Written by Ernest Nyle Brown
Distributed by Palm Pictures
Release date
  • October 20, 1999 (1999-10-20)
Running time
91 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Thicker Than Water is a 1999 film starring a host of rappers and urban entertainers such as Fat Joe, Mack 10, Ice Cube, MC Eiht, Big Pun, and others. The film contains rappers from both the East and the West Coast, as it was made after the end of the East Coast-West Coast feud.



In Los Angeles, two rival gang leaders are also trying to be music producers. When DJ's (Mack 10) equipment shorts out and Lonzo (Fat Joe) is cut out of the action by a record producer, the two join forces, which also requires a tentative peace between gangs. With backing from Gator (CJ Mac), a smooth New Orleans drug king, DJ and Lonzo start drug dealing, organizing their gangs into pushers. Just as their finances are looking up, one of Gator's team pulls a double cross and two of DJ and Lonzo's gang bangers start a shooting war. Can the erstwhile music producers salvage anything of their bond or their plans?


A soundtrack containing hip hop music was released on October 5, 1999 by Priority Records. It peaked at #64 on the Billboard 200 and #8 Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. It spawned a single in "Let It Reign" by Westside Connection.


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