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Coordinates: 40°44′27.446″N 74°0′7.627″W / 40.74095722°N 74.00211861°W / 40.74095722; -74.00211861

Palm Pictures
HeadquartersUnited States
Home video
ParentThrowed Off Entertainment Group

Palm Pictures is a US-based entertainment company owned and run by Chris Blackwell. Palm Pictures produces, acquires and distributes music and film projects with a particular focus on the DVD-Video format. Palm places an emphasis on such projects as music documentaries, arthouse, foreign cinema and music videos. Palm Pictures' entertainment properties include a film division, a music label,,, Arthouse Films and RES Media Group, publisher of RES magazine.

Palm Pictures has its own customised content channel on Audiotube.

Film titles[edit]

Films distributed by Palm Pictures include:

See also Directors Label.

Music artists[edit]

Artists released/distributed by Palm Pictures include:

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