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Written inRuby
Operating systemCross-platform
Available inEnglish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese[1]
LicenseGPL version 3 and github

According to its developers, "ThingSpeak is an open-source Internet of Things (IoT) application and API to store and retrieve data from things using the HTTP and MQTT protocol over the Internet or via a Local Area Network. ThingSpeak enables the creation of sensor logging applications, location tracking applications, and a social network of things with status updates".[2]

ThingSpeak was originally launched by ioBridge in 2010 as a service in support of IoT applications.[3]

ThingSpeak has integrated support from the numerical computing software MATLAB from MathWorks,[4] allowing ThingSpeak users to analyze and visualize uploaded data using Matlab without requiring the purchase of a Matlab license from Mathworks.[citation needed]

ThingSpeak has a close relationship with Mathworks, Inc. In fact, all of the ThingSpeak documentation is incorporated into the Mathworks' Matlab documentation site and even enabling registered Mathworks user accounts as valid login credentials on the ThingSpeak website.[5] The terms of service[6] and privacy policy[7] of are between the agreeing user and Mathworks, Inc.

ThingSpeak has been the subject of articles in specialized "Maker" websites like Instructables,[8] Codeproject,[9] and Channel 9.[10]

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