Thinite Confederacy

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Thinite Confederacy
Tribal confederacy
?–c. 3150 BC
Capital Thinis
Languages Egyptian
Religion Ancient Egyptian
Political structure Confederation
Tribal chief Menes[1]
Historical era Protodynastic period
 •  Established ?
 •  Disestablished c. 3150 BC
 •  Unification of Egypt c. 3100 BCE
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Naqada III
Early Dynastic Period of Egypt

The Thinite Confederacy is an Egyptological term for a hypothesized tribal confederation in Ancient Egypt. It is thought to have preceded the full unification of Upper Egypt c. 3100 BC. The leaders of the Thinite Confederacy were most likely tribal nobles. Based at the city of Thinis, the Thinite Confederacy would later be incorporated into the combined Kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt.

The evidence of the "Thinite Confederacy" is mostly speculative and in part relies on Manetho. Modern Egyptologists have a number of competing hypotheses to explain conjectured "proto-dynastic" events that presumably led to the unification under the First Dynasty. Many scholars today mention evidence for a "Dynasty 0" that preceded Dynasty I. The term "Dynasty 00" is also used for the period preceding Dynasty 0 in connection with the Abydos-Thinis area and may correspond to a theoretical "Thinite Confederacy".[2] The terms "Dynasty 0" and especially "Dynasty 00" are widely seen as playful, but are frequently used nonetheless in lieu of a more agreed-upon term. In archaeological terms, this is referred to as the Naqada III period.

It makes an appearance in the computer game Pharaoh.


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