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View of the Thiou flowing through the city of Annecy
Physical characteristics
SourceLake Annecy
 ⁃ locationHaute-Savoie, France
 ⁃ elevation446.8 m (1,466 ft)
 ⁃ location
 ⁃ coordinates
45°54′34″N 6°5′53″E / 45.90944°N 6.09806°E / 45.90944; 6.09806Coordinates: 45°54′34″N 6°5′53″E / 45.90944°N 6.09806°E / 45.90944; 6.09806
Length3.5 km (2.2 mi)
Basin features
ProgressionFierRhôneMediterranean Sea
A panoramic image from the southern bank of the Thiou in the town centre of Annecy.

The Thiou, about 3.5 km long, is considered one of the shortest rivers in France.[1] It is an effluent of Lake Annecy and an affluent of Fier, which is in turn is a tributary of the Rhône. The Thiou is considered one of the cleanest rivers in Europe and a postcard of the city of Annecy. The Thiou crosses the city forming small canals without which the city would not be often called the Venice of the Alps.

During the nineteenth century, the Thiou played an important role in manufacturing activities and provided the necessary energy to the industries that developed in the city of Annecy.

Le Thiou in Winter

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