This Is All I Ask

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"This Is All I Ask" is a popular song written by Gordon Jenkins.

Jenkins considered this his finest composition, and he recorded it in arrangements he wrote for Nat King Cole, Harry Nilsson, Tiny Tim (musician), Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra.

Andy Williams released a version on his 1964 album, The Wonderful World of Andy Williams.

The song was featured on Sinatra's 1965 album September of My Years, arranged by Jenkins, which won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Sinatra was inspired to record September of My Years, an album of songs on aging, by hearing the line "Beautiful girls, walk a little slower when you walk by me" from the song.

The record became a pop song in 1963, with Jenkins releasing his own record of it on Columbia 42608. It registered in Cashbox's "Looking Ahead" survey, a chart measuring singles popularity below position 100. Later that year, versions by Tony Bennett and Burl Ives made the national top 100.

Gisele MacKenzie sang the song on the Christmas Day Jack Benny show. It aired 12/25/64, but was not included in the syndication package, and not available for viewing until 2013.