This Is Hyony

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This is Hyony
Studio album by Lee Jung Hyun
Released January 25, 2006
Genre Pop
Length 52:11
Label United Asia
Lee Jung Hyun chronology
WA-come on-
This is Hyony
Fantastic Girl

This is Hyony is Kpop singer Lee Jung Hyun's first Japanese album. Contains some of her most popular songs, translated into Japanese, with some of her previous singles in the original Korean. Some of the songs sung in Japanese have new musical arrangements.

Track listing[edit]

  1. ワ-come on- (Wa)
  2. Heaven
  3. Peace
  4. ミチョ (Micho / Mich'yo)
  5. タラダラ (Taradara / Dala Dala)
  6. アリアリ (Ariari / Ari Ari)
  7. DaTo ~パックォ~ (Ba Kkwo / Change)
  8. GX 339-4
  9. 夢 (Yume / Dream)
  10. Passion ~情熱~ (Passion ~Jounetsu~)
  11. Heavy world
  12. Passion ~情熱~ (New York Remix) (Bonus Track)