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ワ -come on-
EP by Lee Jung Hyun
Released 2005
Lee Jung Hyun chronology
WA-come on-
This Is Hyony
(2006)This Is Hyony2006

ワ -come on- is Lee Jung Hyun's Japanese mini album. The CD contains seven tracks, all of which were previously Korean hits. The versions found on ワ -come on- have different lyrics, as well as they are in a different language, and the songs are arranged differently. The DVD, which contains the PVs for ワ -come on-, Heaven and Heavy world, was notorious for having extremely low quality. This EP reached #38 in the Oricon Weekly Charts.

Track listing[edit]


  1. ワ -come on- (Wa -come on-; Come -come on-)
  2. DaTo ~パックォ~ (DaTo ~Ba Kkwo~; DaTo ~Change~)
  3. GX 339-4
  4. 夢 (Yume; Dream)
  5. Heaven
  6. ワ -come on- (Remix) (Wa -come on- (Remix); Come -come on- (Remix))
  7. DaTo ~パックォ~(Remix) (DaTo ~Ba Kkwo~ (Remix); DaTo ~Change~ (Remix))


  1. ワ -come on- (PV) (Wa -come on- (PV); Come -come on- (PV))
  2. Heaven (PV)
  3. Heavy world (PV)