Thomas Baines (journalist)

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Thomas Baines
Born 1806
Died 1881
Parent(s) Edward Baines (1774–1848)

Thomas Baines (1806–1881), was an English journalist and historian.


Baines was born at Leeds in 1806, the third son of Edward Baines, M.P.

In 1829 he settled in Liverpool acting editor of the Liverpool Times newspaper; having acquired the paper as the Billinge's Advertiser; the paper closed in 1858 due to competition from cheap dailys. After 1858 he became secretary of the Liverpool's office in London, as an employee of the city's corporation.

For thirty years was an active promoter of liberal interests in Lancashire. In 1852 he published a valuable history of the commerce and town of Liverpool, and in 1867 Lancashire and Cheshire Past and Present, having in 1859 settled in London at the Liverpool Office as a parliamentary agent. His last work, Yorkshire Past and Present, was published in 1871; Two minor books of his were Agricultural Resources of Great Britain and the Colonies, and Observations on the River Plate. His county histories are characterised by fullness of details, clearness of statement, and orderly arrangement.

On 31 October 1881, he died at Seaforth Hall, near Liverpool, the residence of his son-in-law Edmund Knowles Muspratt.[1]


In 1836 Baines married Fanny Higgins (1815–1856), daughter of Vincent Higgins (1789–1854) an iron merchant[2] and his first wife Mary Anne née Wall (c1792–1836). Thomas and Fanny had seven children, of which six survived him. Two of his daughters married prominent Liverpool figures:



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