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Thomas Hughes Corry (19 December 1859 – 9 August 1883[1]) was a British botanist. He drowned at the age of 23 but was credited as a co-author of Flora of the North East of Ireland with S.A.Stewart.[2]


T. H. Corry was born in Belfast 19 December 1859.[1] He studied botany at Cambridge and became Assistant to Cardale Babington. In 1877, as an undergraduate, he joined S.A. Stewart in the preparation of Flora of the North-east of Ireland. In 1879 he discovered Hieracium hypocharoides in Ireland. In August 1883, before he was 24, Corry, with a companion Charles Dickson, lost his life in a boating accident on Lough Gill.[3] Corry's British specimens in the Ulster Museum are dated mainly 1881 - 1883 and are mostly from England.

Corry remains a co-author of Flora of the North-east of Ireland which is still published in new editions.


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