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Thomas Okey (1852–1935) was an expert on basket weaving, a translator of Italian, and a writer on art and the topography of architecture and art works in Italy and France.[1][2] In 1919, he became the first professor in Cambridge University under the Serena Professor of Italian title.


  • Venice and its Story (1904)[3]
  • Paris and its Story (1925)
  • Dante's Purgatorio (translator).[4]
  • The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi[5]
  • The Story of Avignon (1926)
  • The Little Flowers of St. Francis
  • Selections From the Vita Nuova
  • The Old Venetian Places and Old Venetian Folk
  • A Basketful of Memories: An Autobiographical Sketch (1930)


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