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Thomas Wedgwood IV (1716, Burslem–23 February 1773, Burslem) was an English master potter who taught his illustrious youngest brother Josiah Wedgwood the trade.

Wedgwood was the son of the potter Thomas Wedgwood III and his wife Mary Stringer. He married twice, first to Isabell Beech (1722-1750), who had five children, two of whom died in infancy.

with Isabell Beech:

  • Thomas Wedgwood V (c. 1744-1786), master potter of the Overhouse, from whom descends the famous ceramic designer Clarice Cliff.
  • John Wedgwood (born and died 1746)
  • Catherine Wedgwood (1748-1750)
  • Sarah Wedgwood (1774-1856) married (1) John Taylor (2) the Reverend John Richardson
  • Mary Wedgwood (1750-?) married Josiah Wood.

Wedgwood married again in 1752 to Jane Richards (1715-1785) and they had three children:

  • William Wedgwood (1755-1837) of Bournehayes Gentleman.
  • John Wedgwood (1758-1782)
  • Jane (?-?)

Wedgwood was the principal heir of Katherine Wedgwood Egerton (1682/1683-1705) a very rich widow, who was his first cousin once removed, their shared ancestor being Thomas Wedgwood I.

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