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Thomas Wright (fl. 1604) was an English writer, a protégé of Henry Wriothesley, third earl of Southampton, who had travelled in Italy.


Wright is ascribed:

  • A Succinct Philosophicall Declaration of the Nature of Clymactericall Yeeres, occasioned by the Death of Queene Elizabeth Written by T. W[right]. Printed for T. Thorpe, London, 1604.
  • The Passions of the Minde in generall. By Thomas Wright,’London, 1601, which reappeared in 1604 "corrected, enlarged, and with sundry new discourses augmented", and was reissued in 1621 and 1630. This work was dedicated to Southampton in the hope that he may be "delivered from inordinate passions", and had commendatory verses by B. I. [? Ben Jonson].

Another Thomas Wright, M.A., of Peterhouse, Cambridge, issued in 1685 The Glory of Gods Revenge against the Bloody and Detestable Sins of Murther and Adultery (London).


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