Three (Tubeless Hearts album)

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Studio album by Tubeless Hearts
Released 1994
Recorded 1994
Genre Rock
Length 54:45
Label Heartless Music
Producer Adrian 'Fos' Foster

THREE is a British AOR release by former and current members of Graham Oliver's Saxon and Christie.

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Kev Moore and Adrian 'Fos' Foster, all lyrics written by Moore.

  1. "Shackled to Your Heart" ('94 Mix)
  2. "Paradise Beach"
  3. "Marlena" ('94 Mix)
  4. "The Pimp"
  5. "Burning Our Lifeblood"
  6. "Just a Memory"
  7. "Beaver Patrol"
  8. "Good Love"
  9. "Innocence (Part One)"
  10. "Innocence (Part Two)"
  11. "A Trick of the Light"


Tubeless Hearts
  • Kev Moore – lead and backing vocals, bass, keyboards, and acoustic guitar
  • Adrian 'Fos' Foster – guitars, guitar synth, vocals
  • Simon Kay – drums and vocals
Guest musicians


  • Producer – Adrian 'Fos' Foster
  • Recorded and mixed at The Basement Studio, Outwood (UK)

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