Thrill Kill Jack in Hale Manor

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Thrill Kill Jack in Hale Manor is a 2000 independent comedy film produced by the Hale Manor Collective, a trio of Connecticut filmmakers consisting of Mike Aransky, Phil Guerrette and Thomas Edward Seymour. The film parodies action/adventure flicks by following the mystical loner Thrill Kill Jack (played by Guerrette) in his search for a stolen magic gun within the booby-trapped mansion of a master criminal (played by Seymour).[1]

According to Seymour in an interview published in the online magazine PulpLit, the film was shot “over a year’s period on weekends. Consequently the film’s scenery turns from summer to winter to spring all within about 80 minutes. The film only cost about $700 to make. We shot it on a Hi-8 that we had and did the editing on a crappy PC. The real cost of the film was video tape and renting a Beta deck to make our masters on.”[2] The film played in festivals, gaining a Merit Award at the B-Movie Film Festival, and it was featured on Independent Film Channel’s “Split Screen” when that show covered the 2000 Fangoria horror convention.[2]

Thrill Kill Jack in Hale Manor was released on DVD in 2006.[3]


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