Thrille Cine

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Thrille Cine
Thrille cine.jpg
Thrille Cine title card
Genre Horror
Directed by Ato Bautista
Starring Zanjoe Marudo
Roxanne Guinoo
Gerald Anderson
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog
No. of seasons 1
Original network ABS-CBN
Original release November 02, 2008
Preceded by Walang Iwanan (October 2008)

Thrille Cine is a horror TV movie which originally aired on ABS-CBN on November 2, 2008.


Sekreto Ni Secret Admirer (Secret Admirer's Secret) Tikboy (Zanjoe Marudo), an ugly, shy, but kind-hearted mailman who is in love with Helen (Roxanne Guinoo), a woman mending a broken heart. Tikboy feels embarrassed to approach Helen because of his appearance; hence he decides to send her anonymous love letters. But when Helen starts to fall madly in love with the fictitious admirer, Tikboy gets caught in a more complicated web of lies.[1]

Karera Sa Promosyon (Race To A Promotion) Karera Sa Promosyon, follows Perez (Gerald Anderson), a young cop, who set to get a promotion. He believes that getting a promotion will enable him to influence fellow policemen to lead honest lives.[1] As Perez gives his best to solve murder cases, he soon discovers a disturbing police secret.


Sekreto Ni Secret Admirer (Secret Admirer's Secret)

Karera Sa Promosyon (Race To A Promotion)


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