Thrilling Comics

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Thrilling Comics
Thrilling Comics Issue 1
Publication information
Publisher Standard Comics
Publication date 1940 and 1951
No. of issues eighty
Main character(s) See Characters

Thrilling Comics is the title of a comic book series published by Standard Comics for 80 issues from 1940 to 1951. The first issue (see: Title pic above; in head-shot bubble) is the very first appearance of the comic book character- Dr.Strange. Who debuted in A 37 page origin story. The "Thrilling Comics" title was used again in 1999 by DC Comics for one issue of the Justice Society Returns storyline.


  1. Thrilling Comics #1: Doc Strange
  2. Thrilling Comics #2: Woman in Red (Nedor)
  3. Thrilling Comics #3: The Ghost
  4. Thrilling Comics #19: American Crusader
  5. Thrilling Comics #56: Princess Pantha