Through the Sparks

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Through the Sparks
Through the Sparks, 2011.
Background information
Origin Birmingham, Alabama
Genres Rock, Psychedelic, alternative rock
Years active 2003 - present
Labels Communicating Vessels
Members Jody Nelson - vocals, guitar, piano, organ
James Brangle - piano, organ, guitar
Greg Slamen - bass guitar, piano, guitar, organ
Shawn Avery - drums, vocals
Nikolaus Mimikakis - guitar, vocals
Past members Grey Watson
Thomas Mimikakis
Michael Shackelford

Guest Appearances:
Chad Fisher - horn arrangements/trombone
Gary Wheat - saxophone
Bo Butler - vocals
Duquette Johnston - vocals
Kate Taylor - vocals
Preston Lovinggood - vocals
Omari Thomas - trumpet

Through The Sparks is a Birmingham, Alabama-based psychedelic/folk rock band formed in 2003.[1] The band received critical success following the release of their first full-length LP, Lazarus Beach, in 2007. Their sound is often characterized by lush instrumentation and precise arrangements.[2] The band utilizes both traditional instruments and a variety of electric pianos, guitars, organs, eccentric percussion, horns and synthesizers.

[3][4] Until the March 2016 release of Transindifference (Communicating Vessels), Through the Sparks had remained on the independent label, Skybucket Records for their entire catalog which initiated with the EP, Coin Toss EP in 2005, followed by a limited edition collection of early demos called Audio Iotas: Scraps for the Human Ear later that year. The band's full-length records on Skybucket Records are Lazarus Beach released in 2007 and Worm Moon Waning released in 2010.

Almanac - MMX - Year of Beasts, "a collection of 12 singles released over the course of 2010, monthly,[5]" was released June 21, 2011. Most recently, Through The Sparks released the Alamalibu EP, named for their East Birmingham, Alabama studio, on June 19, 2012.[6]Alamalibu EP featured the single and video 'Angel Fix.'[7] A career spanning retrospective collection of live recordings, live-in-the-studio recordings, remixes and previously unreleased material titled Invisible Kids - was released digitally in January 2014.[8]

On March 18, 2016, Through the Sparks released their 3rd full-length album, Transindifference.


Extended Plays[edit]

Title Label Year
Coin Toss EP Skybucket 2005
Alamalibu EP Skybucket 2012


Title Label Year
Audio Iotas: Scraps For The Human Ear Skybucket 2005
Almanac - (MMX) Year of Beasts [2010 Singles] Skybucket 2011
Invisible Kids [Live + Studio Retrospective] Skybucket 2014

Studio Albums[edit]

Title Label Year
Lazarus Beach Skybucket 2007
Worm Moon Waning Skybucket 2010
Transindifference Communicating Vessels 2016

Appearances on Other Compilations[edit]

Album Title Song Title Label Year
Low Dose Exposure Demons Respond Skybucket 2003
Put Your Hand Down Man Alive and Gap in the Spark Skybucket 2005
Chords of Relief (Katrina Benefit) Picture Skybucket 2005
The Cornerstone Player No. 72 Mexico (Every Last Buffalo) Cornerstone Promotion 2007
Number 6 The Final If And When Vice 2007
Paste Magazine Sampler No. 32 L. Roi Paste Magazine 2007
Skybucket Spring / Summer Sampler 2011 Statue Scared Skybucket 2011


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