Thuận Phước Bridge

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Thuận Phước Bridge

Cầu Thuận Phước
Suspension bridge
Coordinates 16°05′N 108°13′E / 16.09°N 108.22°E / 16.09; 108.22Coordinates: 16°05′N 108°13′E / 16.09°N 108.22°E / 16.09; 108.22
CarriesMotor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
CrossesHan River
LocaleDa Nang, Vietnam
DesignSuspension bridge
Total length1,850 metres (6,070 ft)
Width18 metres (59 ft)
Height80 metres (260 ft)
Longest span405 metres (1,329 ft)
Piers in water2
Construction start2003
Opened19 July 2009

The Thuận Phước Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Thuận Phước) is a suspension bridge that crosses the lower Han River at Da Nang, Vietnam.

The four-lane, three-span, bridge is 1,850 meters long and 18 meters wide,[1] and has a main span of 405 meters. Its two major pillars are 80m in height. It is the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam, with total investment of nearly 1 trillion dong.[1] The bridge was built with an estimated cost of VND 650 billion (about 42 million US dollars). Consulting firms from China, Cuba and Canada provided assistance.

The construction of the bridge, which began in 2003, was completed on 19 July 2009 when the Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung and many high-ranking government officials attended the inauguration ceremony.[1]

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Coordinates: 16°05′31″N 108°13′19″E / 16.0919°N 108.222°E / 16.0919; 108.222