Tiberius Pollenius Armenius Peregrinus

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Tiberius Pollienus Armenius Peregrinus (fl. 3rd century AD) was a Roman senator who was appointed consul in AD 244.


Pollienus Armenius Peregrinus was probably the biological son of Lucius Armenius Peregrinus, who was appointed Praetor in AD 213. At some point he was adopted either by Pollienus Auspex or his son Tiberius Julius Pollienus Auspex.[note 1]

In AD 243, Armenius Peregrinus was the Proconsular governor of Lycia et Pamphylia. In the following year (244), he was appointed consul prior alongside Fulvius Aemilianus. It is speculated that at some point he may have been the proconsular governor of Asia.[1]

Armenius Peregrinus was married to the daughter of Flavius Julius Latronianus, the Praefectus urbi under Gordian III.[2]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Lucius Annius Arrianus
Gaius Cervonius Papus
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Fulvius Aemilianus
Succeeded by
Marcus Julius Philippus Augustus
Gaius Maesius Titianus