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Tice may refer to:



  • Austin Tice (born 1981), former U.S. Marine Corps officer and kidnapped freelance journalist
  • Elena Tice (born 1997), English-born Irish cricketer
  • George A. Tice (born 1938), American photographer
  • John Tice (born 1960), American former National Football League player, brother of Mike Tice
  • Mike Tice (born 1959), American former National Football League player and head coach and current offensive line coach
  • Patrick Tice (born 1994), Irish cricketer, brother of Elena Tice
  • Richard Tice (born 1964), British property developer and CEO
  • Rico Tice (born 1966), English Anglican clergyman and writer
  • Robbie Tice (born 1990), Canadian soccer and futsal player
  • Russ Tice (born 1961), American whistleblower and former intelligence analyst

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