Tigers Are Better-Looking

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First edition

Tigers are Better-Looking is a collection of short stories written by famed Dominican author Jean Rhys, published in 1968 by André Deutsch and reissued by Penguin ten years later. This collection combines eight stories written by Rhys during the 1950s (her period of obscurity) with another nine from her previous efforts in 1927's The Left Bank and Other Stories. In 1979, the title story from Rhys's collection was adapted into a UK-produced short film, directed by Hussein Shariffe.

Stories found in Tigers are Better-Looking[edit]

  • "Till September Petronella"
  • "The Day they Burned the Books"
  • "Let Them Call It Jazz"
  • "Tigers Are Better-Looking"
  • "Outside the Machine"
  • "The Lotus"
  • "A Solid House"
  • "The Sound of the River"

Stories found in The Left Bank and Other Stories[edit]

(introduced by a preface to the original 1927 collection of twenty-two)

ISBN 0-233-95987-4 (hardcover, original 1968 edition, André Deutsch)