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Tikka may refer to:

  • Title of the heir apparent, used predominantly in the Hill States of India (also styled Tikka Sahib)
  • Tikka (forehead mark), a mark made on the forehead by Hindu Indians
  • Tikka (food), a type of South Asian food
  • A line of hunting rifles manufactured by Finnish firearms manufacturer SAKO
  • A model of headlamp by Petzl


Language(s) Finnish
Region of origin Finland
Meaning "woodpecker", from tikka ("woodpecker")
Other names
Variant(s) Tikkanen
Region of origin Hindustan (now in India and Pakistan)
Meaning heir apparent

Tikka is a surname originating in Finland (in Finnish, it means "woodpecker"), and a surname originating in Hindustan (before the partition of India and Pakistan). It may also refer to, alphabetically on first name:

  • Tikka Khan (1915-2002), Pakistani military general
  • Iqbal Tikka (living), Pakistani politician
  • Kari S. Tikka (1944–2006), Finnish legal scholar, professor of finance law
  • Pertti Tikka (living), Finnish ski-orienteer, world champion
  • Pia Tikka (born 1961), Finnish film director and screenwriter
  • Taneli Tikka (born 1978), Finnish entrepreneur in technology

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