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Tikka may refer to:

  • Title of the heir apparent, used predominantly in the Hill States of India (also styled Tikka Sahib)
  • Tikka (forehead mark), a mark made on the forehead by Hindu Indians
  • Tikka (food), a type of South Asian food
  • A line of hunting rifles manufactured by Finnish firearms manufacturer SAKO
  • A model of headlamp by Petzl


Meaning"woodpecker", from tikka ("woodpecker")
Region of originFinland
Other names
Variant form(s)Tikkanen
Meaningheir apparent
Region of originHindustan (now in India and Pakistan)

Tikka is a surname originating in Finland (in Finnish, it means "woodpecker"), and a surname originating in Hindustan (before the partition of India and Pakistan). It may also refer to, alphabetically on first name:

  • Tikka Khan (1915-2002), Pakistani military general
  • Iqbal Tikka (living), Pakistani politician
  • Kari S. Tikka (1944–2006), Finnish legal scholar, professor of finance law
  • Pertti Tikka (living), Finnish ski-orienteer, world champion
  • Pia Tikka (born 1961), Finnish film director and screenwriter
  • Taneli Tikka (born 1978), Finnish entrepreneur in technology

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