Tillberga IK Bandy

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Tillberga IK
Full name Tillberga idrottsklubb
Sport bandy
Founded 8 February 1930 (1930-02-08)
Based in Tillberga, Sweden
Arena ABB Arena

Tillberga IK Bandy are a Swedish Bandy club who are playing in the Allsvenskan for the first time in the 2006/2007 season. Tillberga IK were founded in 1930 and play their home games at Rocklunda. Tillberga IK have struggled in the Allsvenskan this season finishing bottom of the Norra division and will have a difficult fight to avoid relegation during the Superallsvenskan. Tillberga IK gained promotion in the 2005/2006 season by finishing top in the Division One Norra Playoffs.

The club has been playing in the top-tier Elitserien on and off for many seasons. It did not qualify for the 2014–15 Elitserien but was then offered the vacant place there when GAIS choose to withdraw.[1]


As of 1 January 2007:

No. Position Player
1 Sweden GK Henrik Steen
2 Sweden DF Patrik Berggren
3 Finland DF Sami Saari
7 Sweden Tomas Engström
9 Finland FW Jarno Väkiparta
10 Sweden MF Andreas Broberg
11 Sweden Mattias Carlsson
13 Sweden MF Calle Juhlin
15 Sweden Tobias Johnsson
No. Position Player
16 Sweden Jonas Pürkner
18 Sweden MF Niklas Svensson
20 Sweden MF Per Fosshaug
21 Sweden Jens Blixt
22 Sweden DF Johnny Johansson
23 Sweden MF Jonas Lindqvist
25 Sweden GK Johan Persson
30 Sweden GK Marcus Björklund


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