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Tim Biskup (born September 21, 1967 in Santa Monica, California) is an American artist. His free-spirited style recalls 1950s storybook illustration, with bright colors and whimsical shapes unrestricted by the black outlining typically used in character design.

Tim realized he wanted to become an artist when he visited the Pompidou Center in 1984 with his family. There he was exposed to the works of Robert Matta, Niki de Saint Phalle, and Jean Tinguely. He enrolled in Otis College Art and Design's Fine Art department in 1986 only to drop out in 1988. He stated in an interview that he was frustrated with the fact that there was an excessive emphasis on conceptualizing art, rather learning how to make art.[1]

Biskup's distinct style has also found him work in the animation industry, where he became the background supervisor on Cartoon Network's Time Squad.

He works with playful and vibrant psychedelic imagery [2] in the pop-design genre that emerged in the late 20th century through such diverse media as silkscreening, textile production, and rotocast vinyl. He is also a significant contributor to the GAMA-GO clothing line. However, Tim has stated on his website that he has ceased involvement with the company.

During his Ether Show in the summer of 2007, Biskup displayed works from his self-dubbed Baroque Modernist style based on fear, loss, and pain.[2]


Tim works closely with ex-wife Seonna Hong, with whom he has a daughter.[3] His daughter's name is Tigerlily.


NOTE: This list may be partial or incomplete.

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  • Tim Biskup's Lucky Stack by Tim Biskup (Cards - Nov 30, 2006) - Box set
  • GAMA-GO Postcard Book by Tim Biskup (Unknown Binding - April 2004)


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