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For the American self defense expert, see Tim Larkin (self-defense).

Tim Larkin is the audio director for Cyan Worlds, a software company that produced the Myst series of computer games.[1] While working at Cyan, Tim worked as a sound designer for Riven, and as a composer for realMyst, Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and Myst V: End of Ages.

He has twelve years experience in the game audio industry. He started in the game industry working as a composer/sound designer for Broderbund. He created sound design for Riven while working there and was later hired at Cyan to work on realMyst and Uru. Tim still performs session work regularly as a trumpet player as well as doing freelance sound design and composition outside Cyan. He created music and sound design for titles such as Middle-earth, The Incredibles, Pariah, The Lord of the Rings, Robota by Doug Chiang, Prince of Persia and Dota 2. He is an Academy Award winning sound designer for The ChubbChubbs! a Sony Imageworks production team's Academy Award for Animated Short Film winner in 2003. More recently, Larkin worked on some projects for Valve Corporation, where he worked on Portal and Portal 2, composed music for Dota 2 and providing developer commentary on the sound design of the latter.

Tim's experience in the music industry includes live performances as a trumpet player with artists Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, Mel Tormé, Sheila E and Huey Lewis. He recorded on record albums for Ice-T and as a solo artist for Avenue Jazz. He worked on HBO's The Rat Pack, White Mile and Floundering. He has done the sound work for the documentaries National Geographic's Lost Fleet of Guadalcanal, Pearl Harbor and The White House, and American Experience documentaries on Galileo and the Wright Brothers.

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