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Tim Mayhew
Born1970/1971 (age 47–48)[1]
Other names"Pashnit"
Known forMotorcycling writing and business

Tim Mayhew is an American businessperson well known for creating the pashnit.com website for motorcycle touring enthusiasts.[2] The website, which started as a hobby in 1999 after Mayhew left U.S. Marine Corps active duty,[3][4] catalogs over 250 roads,[1] and had 75,000 to 100,000 page views per month at one point from motorcyclists, bicyclists and auto enthusiasts.[1][3] Mayhew estimates he has ridden 350,000 miles (560,000 km) and taken over 100,000 photographs documenting California roads.[5]

In 2004, after a Cycle World article about Mayhew and his website the previous year,[1] he launched a motorcycle tour business in California.[3][4][6] Mayhew has also appeared in print as an authority on the Suzuki Hayabusa, which he has used extensively as a tour guide.[7]


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