Tim Waterson

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Tim Waterson
Instrument(s)Bass drum

Tim Waterson is a Canadian drummer[1] who holds the world record for the fastest number of double strokes on a bass drum using a double pedal, with a record of 1,407 in one minute (January 22, 2002).[2][3]


Waterson started an organization to promote speed drumming as a sport.[4] In 2006 he performed 1,075 single-stroke rolls on a bass drum in 60 seconds. [4]

In 2007 Waterson released a two-DVD set, Techniques, Motions and Applications for Bass Drum Playing.

Waterson uses the heel-toe technique[5] and also invented the pump technique for fast single strokes. His use of the Vruk heel pedal system enables him to perform a modified version of heel-toe playing. Tim is profiled in the book Believe the Unbelievable by Bartley Press.


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