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Timbuctoo oink.jpg
Original 1978 edition of Oink. Other characters and books in the series had a similar appearance

AuthorRoger Hargreaves
CountryUnited Kingdom
No. of books26

Timbuctoo is a series of 26 children's books, written and illustrated by Roger Hargreaves, better known for his Mr Men series. It was published from 1978–79. The books tell the stories of a group of animals, each of whom is named after the sound that their particular animal makes. An animated series (produced by Flicks Films for Cosgrove Hall Films) of Timbuctoo was shown on CITV in the 1990s, narrated by Ronnie Corbett.


The original set of 25 books named after their main character were published in 1979 and 1980, along with two Timbuctoo Annuals. A further set of story books was published in 1979. In 1997 some books were reprinted with new illustrations to promote the television show, along with a new character, Bray.


  • Woof (a dog)
  • Meow (a cat)
  • Oink (a pig)
  • Chirp (a bird)
  • Trumpet (an elephant)
  • Squeak (a mouse)
  • Moo (a cow)
  • Buzz (a bee)
  • Neigh (a horse)
  • Croak (a frog)
  • Roar (a lion)
  • Snap (a crocodile)
  • Hiss (a snake)

Four of the books (Woof, Trumpet, Buzz and Oink) were republished in 1993.


  • Cluck (a chicken)
  • Growl (a tiger)
  • Honk (a seal)
  • Chatter (a monkey)
  • Quack (a duck)
  • Sniff (a rabbit)
  • Bleat (a goat)
  • Hoot (an owl)
  • Grizzle (a bear)
  • Puff (a panda)
  • Squawk (a parrot)
  • Baa (a sheep)
  • An Apple for Oink
  • Hiss and the Storm
  • Moo's Fancy Hats
  • Neigh Moves House
  • Roar's Day of Mistakes
  • Snap's Big Surprise
  • Trumpet's Trunk
  • Buzz Loses his Zip

There was also a set of 'Timbuctoo Shape Books' released, including Oink, Neigh, Growl, Roar, Squeak, Trumpet, Cluck and Puff


  • Bray (a donkey)

Bray was released as an addition to the reprint of all the previous stories in the original set, which were printed, with new illustrations, to accompany the TV series.

Television adaptation[edit]

From 1998 to 2000 the TV show ran for two seasons based on characters of books; the first later released on VHS as Neigh Finds a New Home and Other Stories in March 1999, and Series 2 released as Woof Has Forgotten How to Bark and Other Stories in February 2000. It was later rebroadcast by Nick Jr. in 2001 along with Mr. Men and Little Miss.

Season 1 (1998-99)[edit]

  • "Neigh Finds a New Home" (30 September 1998)
  • "Cluck Gets a Letter" (21 October 1998)
  • "Oink and the Big Apple" (28 October 1998)
  • "Chirp Learns to Fly" (04 November 1998)
  • "Grizzle Gets the Giggles" (11 November 1998)
  • "Honk Goes Swimming" (18 November 1998)
  • "Snap Learns a New Game" (25 November 1998)
  • "Meow Goes Fishing" (02 December 1998)
  • "Croak Learns to Swim" (09 December 1998)
  • "Moo Has a Birthday Party" (16 December 1998)
  • "Squeak Has a Big Day Out" (06 January 1999)
  • "Bleat Takes the Ball by the Horns" (13 January 1999)
  • "Hoot Slips up at Question Time" (20 January 1999)

Season 2 (1999-2000)[edit]

  • "Woof Has Forgotten How to Bark" (6 October 1999)
  • "Hiss is Hopping Mad" (13 October 1999)
  • "Chatter and His Long Tail" (20 October 1999)
  • "Puff Buys Some Paint" (27 October 1999)
  • "Roar Sets Out to Frighten Timbuctoo" (3 November 1999)
  • "Trumpet Goes to the Seaside" (10 November 1999)
  • "Quack Dreams of a New Beak" (17 November 1999)
  • "Buzz is a Very Busy Bee" (24 November 1999)
  • "Growl Has a Fright" (1 December 1999)
  • "Baa Goes Shopping" (8 December 1999)
  • "Sniff Runs Out of Carrots" (15 December 1999)
  • "Bray Sleeps Through Christmas" (22 December 1999)
  • "Squawk Joins the Choir" (5 January 2000)

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