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Time2 is a UK-based multichannel retailer and manufacturer of security cameras, tablets,[1] and smart home devices. The company is based in Blackburn in Lancashire.[2] Time2 offers its WiFi Security Cameras, Home security systems & smart home devices nationwide, including the offshore destinations and the Scottish Islands and Highlands, as well as selected European countries.[3] Time2 provides a wide range of WiFi security cameras, home security cameras for monitoring your indoors and outdoors.


  • Time2 is a sister company of eBusiness UK, a long established digital agency in the North-West of England.[4] The Time2 brand was set up in 2010 with multichannel trading including Amazon UK, eBay UK and its own eCommerce website.[5] In 2014 the brand expanded into Europe through various European Amazon platforms as well as deal sites in Ireland and across the continent.[6]
  • Originally named Time2Touch, Time2 was launched in 2010 as a spin-off from eBusiness UK, a long established digital agency in the north-west of England to be an eCommerce business specializing in home technology, trading through its own eCommerce website [ii] and other channels including Amazon UK, eBay UK and more.
  • In 2014, Time2 expanded into Europe through various European Amazon platforms as well as deal sites in Ireland and across the continent.
  • In 2018, Time2 announced a partnership [iii] with Tuya Smart , a global artificial intelligence and Internet of Things platform, and one of the largest voice AI interactive platforms in the world, providing global compatibility between Time2 Clan and the Tuya Smart system and devices.

Product Range[edit]

Time2’s product focus is primarily on the home security market, using wireless, internet and smart home technologies.

  • Clan - In November 2018, Time2 announced the launch of Clan, a growing ecosystem of connected smart home devices focused on home security. Products that “Work with Clan” can be linked together through the Clan System to control each other and be managed from anywhere via a single App, Clan At Home. Clan is based on Tuya Smart technology meaning that all products that work with Clan will work with any other Tuya Smart compatible devices and vice versa.
  • Home Security and Surveillance Cameras – Time2 has created a wide variety of both Indoor and Outdoor security cameras, enabling the user to view and monitor their home, or loved ones by using an app. The Indoor cameras are named Sophia2 and Olivia2, and the Outdoor camera is Oscar2. Each camera is equipped with Motion and Sound detection,  Two-Way audio, 24/7 on-demand live footage and many more unique specifications.
  • Smart Home Accessories – To support the capabilities of the camera range, Time2 also markets small WiFi Smart LED light bulbs and smart plug-in sockets for ultimate internet and WiFi control of lighting and other appliances.
  • Future Products - Time2 is in the works of creating many more innovative products to further extend their product portfolio, and give their customers more ways to improve their home.


Time2 have made it their mission to provide great value, innovative technology and a fabulous customer experience, all at friendly, affordable prices.

They take the utmost care to ensure their products are simple to use, with easy to follow setup, and they support their customers with a dedicated, UK-based customer support team available for their customers to contact in whatever way suits you best.

In fact, they spend more hours of the day focused on improving the customer experience than on any other part of the business.

This is what they believe in, and they feel sure that when you experience Time2, you will too.

Time2 are constantly building upon their products, making sure they are up to date with trending technology and their WiFi security camera market, which makes them an affordable alternative to their competitors.

News Mentions[edit]

  • Best security cameras for the home and outdoors 2019 - Time2 wireless indoor and outdoor security cameras, with serious crime-busting capabilities. Motion and sound detection are included as are day and night vision.


  • Time2 launches Clan smart home range - Clan will transform any house into a smart home, where devices connect and intelligently function together, operated by a single device from anywhere on the internet, to make the home safer, secure and more fun.


  • Time2 takes on tech giants with growing smart home security range - Time2, which produces and retails innovative home security systems has gained remarkable market share for its Clan portfolio amid fierce competition from Google's like Nest, Amazon's Ring and British Gas's Hive.



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